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41-62 Bowne St (Unit A), Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 353-0188

About Us

All Community Adult Day Centers upholds the spirit of caring for the old as if they were your family, to provide seniors and their families a better morning and afternoon care, as well as a place for social gathering, health exercise and exchange of information.

Our purpose is to create a healthy, safe and friendly environment to the elderly for their living. In this environment, seniors can participate in diverse social activities, and continue to retain the original way of life. ACADC expects to effectively delay aging and degradation of the elderly, enable them to enjoy a good quality of life in the residential areas, and reassure their families, which is the service philosophy of the center.

All Community Adult Day Centers cooperates with reputable long-term healthcare insurance companies, and provides the opportunity of free morning or afternoon activity and education healthcare for All Ethnicities. The elderly can choose to enjoy the service and family healthcare service offered by ACADC, on the premise of not affecting them seeing the doctors. ACADC provides you with the best service you deserve.

ACADC cordially welcomes those over the age of 65, holding Medicaid, and in need of long-term healthcare and care service to register and participate.